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Who We are

We aim to be servant leaders by mentoring, empowering, and inspiring our participants to utilize their creativity, tell their own stories, and become published creators through our programs.

Kids Can Write is a trailblazing nonprofit dedicated to nurturing the creative spark in children and individuals of all ages. With a rich history of empowering aspiring authors, we've proudly helped over 100 participants become published authors through our programs, each a testament to the power of imagination and storytelling. Our programs transcend age and intergenerational boundaries, catering not only to young minds but also to older individuals through our Older KCW program for seniors, proving that storytelling knows no age limit. Join us on a journey where creativity flourishes, stories come to life, and dreams find their voice.


We believe that storytelling is powerful in and essential to all fields, and we aim to show that in our various STEM and humanities programs. We believe that creativity must be encouraged through compassion and active engagement, and that helping our students accomplish a huge dream at such a young age will give them the self-confidence and motivation they need to follow the greatest dreams they can dream.

We believe that Kids Can Write.

Why We Are

Kids Can Write is Branched Into Two Purposes:

(1) To tutor our students in storytelling through programs encompassing various fields in both humanities and STEM. We aim to put the 'A' in STEAM and show how storytelling is essential to all fields.

(2) To provide our programs for underserved communities. We have various Initiatives to target these goals, created for: children from underserved communities, patients in hospitals and cancer centers, incarcerated individuals, those in refugee centers, and those in retirement homes. We help our participants in these programs leave an indelible mark and legacy on the world through their stories; to show them that they have a story to tell that wants to be heard. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of programs. All of our in-person programs at elementary schools are free of cost for families and are volunteering programs. We also offer online tutoring at affordable rates. Our programs are six-to-eight weeks and each revolve around different humanities and STEM fields, and they all follow our motto: learn, then create. 

"Mothers CAN" Write & Publish a Book:

  1. "Mothers CAN" Write & Publish a Book Camp: The mother's version of "Kids CAN" Write & Publish a Book. Publish alongside your child!

"Kids CAN" Online Camps:

open year-round

  1. "Kids CAN" Code & Publish a Roblox Game: Dive into game development with Roblox Studio and coding languages.
  2. "Kids CAN" Write & Publish a Book: Embark on an adventure to become a published author.
  3. "Kids CAN" Create & Write Songs: Unleash your musical creativity and learn the art of songwriting.
  4. "Kids CAN" Create & Publish A Website With AI: Build your digital presence using AI and essential web development skills.
  • Over 3 weeks, asynchronous online
  • Tuition: Enroll now at a PRE-SALE rate of $249.99 per camp before 7/15/24, or $299.99 after the pre-sale period ends!
  • Success Rate: Our programs boast a 100% student success rate!

In Person Programs:

Soon to be online courses as well!

  1. Creative Writing Program:

    • Provides a platform for kids to write about any topic they desire, fostering their creativity and storytelling skills.
  2. Neuroscience Program:

    • Integrates neuroscience knowledge into storytelling, allowing children to create stories that delve into the workings of the human brain.
  3. Entrepreneurship Program:

    • Teaches kids about entrepreneurship while guiding them to incorporate entrepreneurial concepts into their narratives.
  4. Biology Program:

    • Explores biology-related topics, helping children weave scientific knowledge into imaginative tales set in the world of biology.
  5. Sustainability Program:

    • Focuses on sustainability concepts, encouraging children to craft stories that highlight environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Explore The Kids Can Write Workbooks!

  • Unleash creativity with guided storytelling exercises.
  • Encourage expressive artwork alongside imaginative tales.
  • Connect with a vibrant community of young writers.
  • Nurturing young minds, one story at a time.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Flexibility to write at your own pace.


From Workbook to World: Your Story, Our Stage!

purchase a workbook, create your story,

and we'll feature your book in a blog post!

How It Works

Kids Can Write consists of university students who believe in the importance of volunteering and servant leadership. We hope to mentor kids through the process of creating an idea for a story all the way to finishing it, editing it, creating a cover, and walking them through the process of self-publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing online! Tutors are published as "Editors," and the children become Published Authors! They'll be able to order their own physical copies of their books and choose whether or not they want to sell them through large businesses, such as Amazon. We help turn dreams into a reality within our Six-to-Eight Week Programs. We have various chapters where elementary schools and universities are partnered, and we also have programs available in hospitals and refugee centers.

Student Connie with Tutor Laura

Our Human-Centric and Holistic Approach To Empowerment

At Kids Can Write, we are not merely about nurturing individual potential; we are driven by a profound care for fostering a sense of community and connection. Our mission centers on addressing not only physical needs but also nourishing the mind and soul, rooted in a deep empathy for the well-being of all. 

Our initiative is meticulously crafted to stimulate creativity, encourage self-expression, and promote education, all grounded in the principles of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. While we diligently meet basic needs, we passionately focus on the higher echelons of the hierarchy: self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Self-Actualization: We empower individuals to realize their potential, embrace personal growth, and achieve their aspirations. Through creative writing and self-publishing, we guide aspiring authors, including those in challenging circumstances, to recognize their capabilities and nurture their creativity.


  • Cultivating Philanthropic Spirit and Creative Contributions: Our tutors embody the ethos of giving back, collaborating with students to craft stories designed to contribute to society and introduce innovative creative ideas in the concepts they write. This endeavor towards creative giving instills altruism and fosters self-transcendence in both mentors and young authors.


By incorporating these elements into our programs, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of the individuals we serve. Join us in this journey of holistic empowerment, where we nurture not only the body but also the mind and soul, and embrace the beauty of transcending individual boundaries for a better and connected world.


"I really enjoyed being a part of the program! I was looking for an opportunity to provide a service in the greater Blacksburg area & community. This kind of club afforded me this experience while also incorporating a major passion of mine: reading & writing! All in all, it was very engaging, heart warming, & fulfilling. It also gave me some invaluable experience as a tutor!"


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Alden Koupal, tutor


The Five Pillars of Kids Can Write

1 / Creativity

Creativity is the foundation of this organization. The ultimate goal is to stimulate creativity in kids and incorporate it into their stories so that they can create a world of their imagination!

2 / Integrity

Having good morals grounded in honesty and unity is necessary for our team to help kids achieve success!

3 / Servant Leadership

The goal for our team members in their leadership roles is to serve. They work to help kids become successful and fulfill their dreams.

4 / Mutual Respect

No one person is more important than the next; it is important for mutual respect to have its place in our work environment between the team and kids mentored.

5 / Determination

Our team is determined to work hard and help those mentored achieve success in becoming published authors. Determination is key in its perseverance to reach our goals.

"You can make anything by writing"

C.S. Lewis

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