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Neuroscience Program

Neuro - Week Three 3/2/23

Write, Draw, Create! During week three, our students finished up their brain maps and worked hard on their stories. To the left you'll find tutor Kaitlyn and student Aaliya. Aaliya is writing a creative story about a microwave that exploded and turned her main characters into really small people, and they got transported through someone's ear and into their brain! 

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Neuro - Week Two 2/23/23

The Neuro Program has been such an exciting adventure! During the Neuroscience Lesson of Week Two, our students learned about neurons and drew their own neuron characters which will be illustrated in their books. To the left, you can see tutor Brianna with student Logan. The paper that Logan's holding to the left represents his neuron characters... Logan's neuron characters are hairy jelly beans with unique personalities and different colors. The paper he's holding to the write is his brain map that his characters will travel through. 

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Neuro - Week One 2/16/23

This is a photo of our tutor team walking to Gilbert Linkous Elementary School for our first session on 2/16/23! We are a team of 15 tutors and are working with 10 kids in the 3rd-5th grade. They're going to have a lesson on Neuroscience each week, and write a story about the brain. Their stories are fictive, but they're already thinking of their characters as neurons and neurotransmitters!

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