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Interested in bringing our engaging and educational workshops to your location or community? We'd be thrilled to collaborate with you! Please reach out to us by completing the form below or emailing us directly at

Workshop Offerings:

Our workshops cater to a wide range of audiences, including children and participants of all ages to target various Kids Can Write Initiatives. Thus, workshops can also be provided for: cancer and general patients in hospitals, refugees, incarcerated individuals, seniors, and those in the foster care system.


At "Kids Can Write," we are committed to providing enriching experiences and valuable guidance during our workshops. Participants can expect a comprehensive workshop with a variety of offerings tailored to their needs:

1. Kids Can Write Reports Lesson: Speedy Short Story Publishing:

  • A unique opportunity for participants to craft and publish a short story, contributing to a collection of imaginative tales. Explore the art of storytelling and editing, culminating in a publication. Kids Can Write Reports are books filled with a collection of stories. Children have a lesson from KCW and then write short stories of a few paragraphs during the session that will be part of a collaborative publication that goes on Amazon! Children who participate will also be listed as an author.

2. Expert Guidance:

  • Guidance from our experienced tutors, who are themselves published authors and passionate about mentoring young writers.

3. Tailored Curriculum:

  • Customized curriculum based on the workshop type, ensuring it aligns with the participants' age group and interests.

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Funding Note: For workshops requiring travel, we kindly request participating organizations to provide funding to cover travel expenses and ensure a successful workshop.

4. Creative Writing Exercises:

  • Fun and stimulating creative writing exercises to unlock the imaginative potential of each participant.

5. Knowledge Integration:

  • Integration of relevant knowledge (e.g., neuroscience, entrepreneurship, biology, sustainability) into the creative writing process for a unique and educational experience.

6. Group Discussions:

  • Opportunities for participants to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories, fostering collaboration and learning from one another.

7. Certification of Participation:

  • Certificates for all participants, recognizing their active engagement and completion of the workshop.

8. Complementary KCW Reports Book and T-Shirts

  • At the end of every workshop, a few participants receive free Kids Can Write T-Shirts and a complementary copy of the KCW Reports book they will be published in.

Join our "Kids Can Write Reports" lesson and witness your story come to life, sharing its magic with readers in our delightful collection of short stories! For inquiries or to reserve your spot, please reach out to us at or fill out the form below. We look forward to inspiring young minds through our interactive workshops!