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If you are a student or parent of one in the program, we'd love your thoughts on Kids Can Write!

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7 months ago

This program was fantastic! It exceeded our expectations. My son is so proud of his book and had so much fun creating it.

7 months ago

My sons love reading, writing, and drawing. Through the Kids Can Write program, they were able to publish their first books with the guidance and help of tutors. The tutors made the program fun and interesting. My sons had a good time in the KCW program. Thank you so much to the tutors and the person in charge.

7 months ago

KCW is truly an amazing program for kids. My daughter loves to read, and loves to write and draw on scratch papers. Through the KCW program, she was able to publish her first book with the guidance and help from the tutors. This can be a great booster of her confidence in writing and self expression.

Suzanne Mariani
7 months ago

My daughter had a wonderful time in this program. Her tutors made the program fun and interesting, and she is so proud of herself for publishing her first book!

Melinda A Rodgers
7 months ago

Kids Can Write is an excellent program for children. My daughter has been creating her own books with computer paper and many staples over the years, but she dreamed of publishing a book that could be donated to local libraries, teachers, friends and family. Her dream has been fulfilled and we are grateful beyond measure.

7 months ago

My son enjoyed his experience at Kids Can Write. This allowed him to expand his creative skills into his stories. He likes to draw and make comics at home during his free time, and likes to show to his family. He feels very proud and happy to publish his book onto Amazon and let other people see his creations. We love to continue with this program!

7 months ago

My daughter, Amelia, had an incredible experience with Kids Can Write. She has always loved to tell stories and has created a few books at home on her own. The empowerment that Kids Can Write provided by taking her through the brainstorming, creating, editing and publishing process was really next level. What an amazing opportunity for a 3rd grader! She has loved signing copies of her books and sharing about her time with her amazing tutor. We hope to do it again, and definitely want our youngers daughters to participate as well!

Ci’el Elizabeth Lofland
a year ago

This has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. Her family and friends have been very supportive. This program created space for young children to be able to call themselves authors, and we are very appreciative.

Cindy Martinez
a year ago

My daughter Luciana loves to write, this program was perfect for her. The teachers are so nice. The most exciting part was when she got her own book arriving from Amazon. That moment was priceless.

Josh Iorio
a year ago

This is a really great program! Our daughter has always loved writing but was limited in how she was able to share her work. The look of pure joy on her face when she saw her published book was priceless!