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Testimonials From Tutors

If you tutored in the program, we'd love your thoughts on Kids Can Write! You can also give a shoutout to your student!

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Sidhant Jha
7 months ago

I loved Kids Can Write. The student worked hard to complete their book and I'm proud of that!

Laura Dunkleberger
7 months ago

Kids Can Write is an awesome program! It was a great experience to help students write out their creative and imaginative ideas into their own book. I feel that this experience for me opened my eyes to teaching more, as I do want to teach English once I graduate. For the kids, I believe they learned to sink into their own style of writing and express their ideas while also learning more about English and authorship. Shoutout to Nancy for her book "Petopia"!

Emily Hnath
7 months ago

Such a great experience! Loved seeing my student use their creative thinking in ways I wouldn't think of.

mariaalejandra vilchez
7 months ago

I enjoyed this program very much and discovered an unknown passion I have which is being able to teach kids. I truly enjoyed my time with the students and learned so much from them as well.

Anja Hemesath
7 months ago

I had so much fun helping out with Kids Can Write! I can't wait to be a part of this program for the fall semester. All of the kids truly did an amazing job with their books!

Penelope Hall
a year ago

I wasn't a tutor, but my sister participated, and I am so proud of her! She wrote "The Space Adventure" and I wish there was this kind of opportunity at the Blacksburg Middle School.

Meghan Flaherty
a year ago

Kids Can Write is one of the most fulfilling programs I have been apart of. I saw myself in every child in the room -- I wish I had something as grand as this! I think it is so important to support creativity, and we did a grand job of it. I am so proud of being apart of this program, and I can't wait to be apart of it in the future.

Lane Robertson
a year ago

Kids Can Write is an amazing program that allows tutors to give back to the community, empower the students they work with, and share sincere responsibility and enthusiasm to create a better world through writing and publishing books as young authors.

Kavya Shankar
a year ago

Kids Can Write was such a fun experience! I loved working with Elly! She is so impressive and she honestly inspired me every session. Such a sweet girl and wrote a really sweet book :) Happy I
got to be a part of it!

Lillie Tynch
a year ago

This is a really cool program that I’m so grateful I got to be a part of. Meeting the students and helping them bring their stories to life was so much fun. I’m really excited to have a copy of my students finished book!!