Author Summary

Charlotte Slider is an only child and has two very nice and supportive parents, Paul and Erin Slider. She loves to write books and loves to draw. She is very creative and has a huge imagination. She is very happy to publish her very first book.

Book Summary

Emmyline Evelon is a regular girl, with a regular life. As a farm girl, her life is a perfect one. She has the best of friends, has an awesome house, and amazing parents. But soon her life takes an unexpected turn. Her parents drag her and her brother to and apartment in New York City far away from the farm, and Emmy's friends. No farm, no friends, no fun. Emmy finally goes to school in fear and meets a girl named Liana. The two girls become friends, and Emmy starts to think that everything will be just fine. Soon she finds a mysterious painting that seems to be haunting her and her apartment itself. She examines it and finds it as a portal to a different dimension. She and Liana soon venture into the world and meet a spirit named Ember. She needs their help. An evil force is taking over her home and the innocent elves that live there. This action packed adventure is filled with mystery, girl-power, and friendship will take you for a spin as you read, Emmy and the Lava King.