Week Five 11/4/22

Published on 4 November 2022 at 16:17

This week, our students finished writing their books! We worked on finalizing the covers and completing final edits in the stories. They also created "About Me" pages in their books. Most students will have even published their books by our next session!! 

To the right is a photo of Student Charlotte H. She worked with her tutors this week to finalize her book cover before publication, which you can see at the left. The image at the right includes both the front (right portion) and back cover (left portion). 

Student Charlotte H.

This is really exciting because she'll become a published author very soon! Charlotte is writing a really long book (more than 80 pages so far), and her tutors are really excited to get a physical copy of her novella.

Students are working with their parents this next week to go over and complete the publishing process through Kindle Direct Publishing. They were provided with a "How To" pamphlet for these steps, and have been working really hard with their children to help publish their books, so here's a shoutout to them!


All of us in the Kids Can Write Team are so proud of how far these students have come in the past five sessions and can't wait to celebrate their significant achievements at the Program Concluding Ceremony coming up!

Written by Elea Abisamra

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