Concluding Ceremony 12/2/22

Published on 2 December 2022 at 15:17

Today, we had our Concluding Ceremony to celebrate our 15 students who finished their books and became official authors! It was such a wonderful experience to meet all of the parents and give our students their Gold Star Trophies and Certificates of Achievement! This whole semester has been such an invaluable experience that we'll all cherish with us forever.

A Note from Elea:

I'd also like to thank Mr. BK Fulton, a fellow author who gave an encouraging and inspiring speech to the children during our ceremony. He has left an indelible mark on the Kids Can Write Program.

My whole life, I’ve wanted to start a club like this, but was terrified of it not working out. And then I joined the Innovate Entrepreneurial Living Learning Community coming into Virginia Tech. Ms. Townsend, the Director of Innovate and my amazing mentor, opened a whole world in front of my eyes that has changed my life forever. We had the opportunity to listen to so many experienced entrepreneurs, one of which being the infamous Mr. B.K. Fulton, who gave the most important and constant advice to me, and it was: “Just start. Even if you don’t have everything figured out, just start and things will find their place.” So summer 2021, I stopped beating around the bush, scared this goal and mission of my wouldn’t work out, and founded Kids Can Write into a Registered Student Organization at Virginia Tech. It was such an honor to have Mr. Fulton at the Concluding Ceremony, where he also left an unforgettable and inspiring mark on our graduated students and published authors.

Written By Elea Abisamra

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