Louise, Nate, & Elea - Highlight Edition

Published on 10 March 2023 at 15:01

"She's so excited and ambitious each session to keep writing and develop her story. I always look forward to our sessions because even while she's so productive, we still manage to have fun," says Nate, one of her tutors.

Above, you will find photos of Student Louise with Tutors, Nate and Elea


Louise is such an imaginative artist who always draws during each session to complement her stories. Here's a drawing she made during the Week 2 session. Her main character is about to get kidnapped! Buy her story once it's published to learn more. 

"I have such a great time tutoring Louise. She is so kindhearted and is a true author. Each chapter has interesting twists, and I know her adventure stories will take her far. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Nate and I are looking forward to session four with excitement,"

says Elea, her other tutor.

Written by Elea Abisamra

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