Neuro - Week Two 2/23/23

Published on 23 February 2023 at 21:11

The Neuro Program has been such an exciting adventure! During the Neuroscience Lesson of Week Two, our students learned about neurons and drew their own neuron characters which will be illustrated in their books. To the left, you can see tutor Brianna with student Logan. The paper that Logan's holding to the left represents his neuron characters... Logan's neuron characters are hairy jelly beans with unique personalities and different colors. The paper he's holding to the write is his brain map that his characters will travel through. 



To the left is a photo of tutor Campbell and student Charlotte B. The paper Charlotte's holding represents her neuron characters... don't they look so cool! Campbell is holding Charlotte's brain map. Our students draw different things in each of the lobes corresponding to the lobes' functions. This builds off our lesson from last week. It is such a wonderful experience for the tutors to teach their knowledge of neuroscience and see it through the imagination of their students. 

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