Neuro - Week Three 3/2/23

Published on 2 March 2023 at 22:24

Write, Draw, Create! During week three, our students finished up their brain maps and worked hard on their stories. To the left you'll find tutor Kaitlyn and student Aaliya. Aaliya is writing a creative story about a microwave that exploded and turned her main characters into really small people, and they got transported through someone's ear and into their brain! 

Below, you can see tutor Paris and student Abby. Abby is writing a story about a character who dreams they're in the brain and suddenly wakes up in it! As you can see, all of our students have a different and unique perspective in the neuroscience program. It is so inspiring to be a part of and support them through this journey. 

Written by Elea Abisamra

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