Week Three 10/21/22

Published on 21 October 2022 at 16:24

During Week Three, we worked on staying on track in the plot of the stories! The tutors helped their students make a revised timeline map and work with their students to get the books to about 20 pages. By next week, all of the students will have accounts made on the publishing website, and we'll begin working on the book covers!


Now, let's delve into some of the students' works and thoughts on the program.



Here's a photo of student Katelynn working with her tutors, Sam and Alden!


When asking Katelynn what her favorite part of the program and writing a story were, she said that it was "getting to think creatively." 



Here's a photo of student Lawson exploring books in the library with her tutors, Kaitlyn and Joy! Lawson wanted to find dog drawings in the books. She wanted to find one that looked like hers for inspiration to draw a dog later! Lawson is writing a story about a super pup, and her real pet is the star of it!




Here's a photo of student Lara working with her tutors, Nate (Treasurer) and Elea (President/Founder) !


Lara thought that the best part of writing a story was "the imagination and action you can put into it.”

We are so proud of how far our students have come! They are weeks away from publishing their books and becoming published authors!


Our Program Concluding Ceremony is only five weeks away! We need all the help we can get to make it the best it can be and celebrate, recognize, and appreciate all of our students the way they deserve to be!

Written by Elea Abisamra

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Joy Atiyeh
a year ago

So honored to be featured and to be a part of this amazing program. Cannot wait for the ceremony in five weeks!